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How to create an FTP account In cPanel?

How to create an FTP account In cPanel?


In order to give access to your files via FTP, an FTP account need to be created.
Creating an FTP account in cpanel can be achieved easily.



  • Login to Cpanel
  • Under the Files section click on the “FTP Accounts” tool. 
  • You will see the interface to create an FTP account.


To create an FTP account, perform the following steps:

1  Enter the username in the Login text box.

2  Select the domain for which you want to create the Ftp account from the        Domain menu.

3  Enter and confirm the new password in the Password text boxes.

4  Enter the FTP account’s home directory, To which you want to give access to the FTP account which you are creating.

Example:  If you enter hosting in the text box, the FTP account can access the /home/$user/hosting/ directory and all of its subdirectories.

5  Enter the disk space quota or you can set unlimited.

6  Click on create button FTP account will be created and will be listed below.