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How to Increase PHP’s upload_max_filesize Value Using CloudLinux Selector in cPanel

How to Increase PHP Upload Limit on a cPanel


PHP imposes restrictions on file upload sizes to safeguard server performance, yet the default limit may be insufficient for contemporary web applications. If you encounter an error message prompting you to enhance the PHP max upload file size, it’s time to adjust the upload limit. Fortunately, there are several methods to achieve this, one of which involves modifying PHP configuration files directly. In this guide, we’ll demonstrate a swift approach to adjust PHP upload limits within cPanel.

What Is “upload_max_filesize” in PHP?

The upload_max_filesize directive is a PHP variable set in the system and local php.ini files and user.ini files. These determine the PHP interpreter’s baseline configuration. As you might expect, upload_max_filesize limits the maximum allowable size of an uploaded file. The PHP default is 2 Megabytes, and you will have to increase it if you want to upload larger files via a PHP web application.

You have the flexibility to adjust PHP’s upload_max_filesize to suit your requirements through CloudLinux’s PHP Selector in cPanel.


  • First log into your cPanel account.
  • Then go to the Software section and click the Select PHP Version
  • Click on the Options menu.
  • Finally, locate the setting for upload_max_filesize and select the dropdown menu next to it. From there, choose the desired limit according to your needs.