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How to add or modify DNS in cPanel?

How to add or modify DNS in cPanel?


Step 1.   Log in to the cPanel.

Step 2.   On the Domains section Click on Zone Editor. 

Step 3.   On the next page, locate the domain name you need to edit and click Manage to view the domain’s complete set of DNS records.

Step 4. Locate the DNS record you wish to update.

Step 5. Make the necessary updates.

    • Select Edit to update the DNS record, then click Save Record.
    • Click on the Delete button to remove a DNS record. A confirmation popup will appear. Click Continue.

The following information will assist you in understanding the purpose of each DNS Zone Record.

A Record

An A record maps a domain name to the IP address (IPv4) of the computer hosting the domain. An A record uses a domain name to find the IP address of a computer connected to the internet.

What does A Record look like?

CNAME Record

A “canonical name” (CNAME) record points from an alias domain to a “canonical” domain or subdomain is an alias of another domain. A CNAME record is used in the alternative of an A record. All CNAME records must point to a domain, never to an IP Address.

What does CNAME Record look like?

MX Record

An MX record, or mail exchange record, is a DNS record that routes emails to specified mail servers. Depending on your email host, MX records vary. Some may have multiple MX records, like Google Workspace, and Zoho, and some may only have one, like HostingHome.

Setting up email requires following

MX Record Priority: The ‘priority’ numbers before the domains for these MX records indicate a preference. the lowest priority value is recommended. The email server will always prefer the lowest value priority first.

Mail’s A record: This is the IP Address pointing to your preferred email server.

If your domain uses HostingHome‘s name servers, your emails are automatically set up to use our servers.

What does MX Record look like?

TXT Record

DNS TXT records are text-based records that exist in the Domain Name System (DNS) zone files. The TXT record was human & computer-readable to retrieve information about the domain.

What does TXT Record look like?