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Process to deploy the WAR File Java Shared

Process to deploy the WAR File.



Login Sentora Panel

Under ‘Domain’ section, select ‘Deploy WAR-file




To Upload WAR file choose ‘Browse’ and select your WAR file and click on ‘Upload’ radio button.








To ‘Assign WAR’ file, Select your domain name on ‘Domain Name’ drop down and Select your WAR file on ‘WAR file’ Drop down list and click ‘Assign WAR File’ to apply the changes.






Restart the Tomcat

Click the ‘Restart Tomcat’ Radio Button to restart your Tomcat instance.












War file list and Temporary URL.

To find a list of the WAR files deployed and Temporary URL.




To check logs


How to Create MySQL Database?

Login Sentora Panel

Under ‘Database’ section, select ‘MySQL Database’



Under ‘Create a new MySQL® database’, enter your database name and click “Create”.

How to Create MySQL Username?

Under ‘Database’ section, select ‘MySQL Users’


Uder ‘Create a new MySQL® User’, Enter ‘Username’ Select the database name at ‘Map Database’ and click ‘Create’.

How to access phpMyAdmin?

Under ‘Database’ section, select ‘phpMyAdmin’ and click ‘Launch phpMyAdmin